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Currently, Indonesia sits on top of the table as the largest coconut-producing country in the world, with a total production of 17.160.000 tons in 2021, according to the leading provider of market and consumer data “statista“. We believe our products have competitive advantages in the market due to their quality and continuous supply.

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Meet The Founders

Hardi Haryono
Hardi HaryonoFounder
“No Action, Nothing Happen. When You Take ACTION, MIRACLES Happen!”

Our Story

ZONECOCO is one of the leading suppliers of coconut products from Indonesia. We have a focus and aim to be able to introduce Indonesian coconut products and their derivatives to the world community because we strongly believe, Indonesia has the best coconut products in quality and at very competitive prices.

Being a young company, we are constantly innovating to widen the portfolio with new and exciting coconut products. The team of people behind ZONECOCO has been in the coconut industry for more than 30 years, even before ZONECOCO was formed, and we believe the progress of the company cannot happen without the progress of our surrounding communities.

Provide our customers with best-in-class products, focusing on the importance of our manufacturing and production process, insure that we always conform with international standards and regulations. We are a competent team with highly qualified human resources, always learning, always striving to serve you better.

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Building the best and trusted continuous supply chain system and one-stop solution for Indonesia’s finest coconut derivative products


  • Implementing international standards in our company and factories.
  • Create long-run and mutual benefit relationships with all partners.
  • Carrying out promotional activities for coconut-derived products abroad.
  • Continuous improvement and expansion.
  • Improve the welfare of farmers and make their lives better.

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