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We had a thorough understanding of our industry, and we realized it was time to launch ZONECOCO. One of Indonesia’s major suppliers of coconut products.

Constantly Strive To Improve Our Production Technique So We Can Sell High Quality Product

Specialists Coconut Supplier in Indonesia

Being the top supplier of coconut products also makes our business partners satisfied. Most importantly ZONECOCO always provides the best in class quality products since we understand what they need. Moreover, ZONECOCO is always available to meet your industrial needs for coconut derivatives. Further lookout for partnerships that will benefit our business and society by promoting inclusion, environmental conservation, also economic stability.

We keep in touch with local farmers including workers and help the small community to grow together, and connect them to the world. Therefore ensure that we are completely integrated as a producer of organic goods based on natural plantations. After that with high-quality control processes and ensure consistent production results to meet international standards.


Efficient and economical

Monitor lead time and coordinate the processes in each step to maximize customer satisfaction.


Quality Control

Set quality standards and create operational processes to deliver quality.


Improve Production Technique

Continuously innovate and improve our business processes, products, and services to achieve our goals.


Delivering The Best

Deliver customer satisfaction by striving for excellence in all aspects of our business that make our customers satisfied with every existing cooperation.

Best in Class Product

Coconut As Our Main Raw Materials Meet The Various Needs

As Indonesia’s leading commodity supplier, we also provide natural resources and process them in a safe and healthy environment. For instance, our products are widely used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, beauty, fragrances, flavors, food, and beverages.

Our Core Values


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